Explore 25 Words That Start With T: Letter T Flashcards for Kids

words that start with T
words that start with T

Discover a world of words that start with T with our engaging and educational flashcards! Perfect for young learners, these flashcards feature common words, action words, and words that start and end with T. Enhance your child’s vocabulary and make learning fun with these easy-to-use flashcards. 25 words that start and end with T. Let’s get started! Download now and start exploring the letter T! Let’s get started!

Letter T Flashcards for Kids

Flashcards for Kids
Flashcards for Kids
T Flashcards for Kids
T Flashcards for Kids

25 Common Words That Start With T

  1. Table: We eat dinner at the table.
  2. Tiger: The tiger is a big cat.
  3. Train: The train goes choo-choo.
  4. Tree: The tree is tall and green.
  5. Turtle: The turtle moves slowly.
  6. Toy: I love playing with my toy.
  7. Tomato: Tomatoes are red and juicy.
  8. Truck: The truck carries heavy loads.
  9. Tent: We sleep in a tent when camping.
  10. Towel: Use a towel to dry off.
  11. Toast: I eat toast for breakfast.
  12. Tea: Tea is a warm drink.
  13. Top: The top spins fast.
  14. Toe: My toe hurts when I stub it.
  15. Tank: The fish swims in the tank.
  16. Tape: Use tape to stick things together.
  17. Thorn: Be careful of the rose’s thorn.
  18. Tire: The car has a flat tire.
  19. Tunnel: The tunnel goes through the mountain.
  20. Taxi: We took a taxi to the city.
  21. Tail: The dog wags its tail.
  22. Tuba: The tuba is a big instrument.
  23. Ticket: We need a ticket for the movie.
  24. Taco: Tacos are tasty.
  25. Tennis: We play tennis on the court.

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25 Action Words That Start With T

  1. Talk: We talk with our friends.
  2. Teach: Teachers teach us new things.
  3. Tickle: Tickle your toes to make you laugh.
  4. Tidy: Let’s tidy up the room.
  5. Turn: Turn the page to read more.
  6. Travel: We travel to new places.
  7. Touch: Touch the soft blanket.
  8. Taste: Taste the delicious food.
  9. Throw: Throw the ball to your friend.
  10. Think: Think about the answer.
  11. Tell: Tell me a story.
  12. Try: Try to do your best.
  13. Treat: Treat yourself to a candy.
  14. Type: Type your name on the keyboard.
  15. Tremble: Tremble when you are cold.
  16. Trap: Trap the mouse in the cage.
  17. Tie: Tie your shoelaces.
  18. Tap: Tap the drum with the stick.
  19. Teach: Teachers teach us in school.
  20. Translate: Translate words from English to Spanish.
  21. Transform: Transform the robot into a car.
  22. Talk: Talk softly in the library.
  23. Travel: Travel around the world.
  24. Tilt: Tilt the glass to pour the drink.
  25. Toss: Toss the coin to decide.

25 Words That Start and End with T

  1. Tent: We camp in a tent.
  2. Talent: She has a talent for singing.
  3. Treat: A cookie is a sweet treat.
  4. Target: Aim at the target.
  5. Tweet: Birds tweet in the morning.
  6. Test: We have a math test tomorrow.
  7. Trust: I trust my best friend.
  8. Thirst: Drink water to quench your thirst.
  9. Toilet: Use the toilet when needed.
  10. Transit: The bus is in transit.
  11. Tilt: Tilt the picture frame.
  12. Torrent: The river is a torrent.
  13. Talent: She has many talents.
  14. Text: Send a text message.
  15. Tight: The lid is tight.
  16. Tourist: The tourist visits the city.
  17. Tablet: I read on my tablet.
  18. Toast: Eat toast for breakfast.
  19. Tent: We sleep in a tent.
  20. Tint: The window has a tint.
  21. Turret: The castle has a turret.
  22. Tart: The tart is sweet.
  23. Ticket: Buy a ticket for the show.
  24. Transcript: The transcript is ready.
  25. Toolkit: Use the toolkit for repairs.

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